Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Aquisition

I was sort of kidding when I told Billy he ought to give her to me. More than once over the years, ride jocks had tried to get me to take their road dogs home. Often they were ill-behaved or sickly. Her being a three month old puppy, I never dreamed he'd say yes and at first, he didn't. He'd gotten her from Juan for his girlfriend's birthday. She wasn't exactly his dog to give away.

I sat in the shade under the truck for a few minutes every day with her anyway. Her favorite toy appeared to be a smashed plastic water bottle. It slid beautifully on the asphalt, often out of her reach. Others who knew her and I would walk by and kick it back under the truck for her. Occasionally some jointee would walk by and toss her a stuffed toy.

Ten days went by and on the last day of the fair, Billy and Stephanie came to me and announced that they had talked it over and decided to adopt her out. It was like she won the dog lottery. I had no idea at that time that I had won it too.