Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa Baby

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just thought I would let everyone know that we found (beautiful) foster dog Rusty (below) a home. He got to stay with us over Christmas though, something about a dog door and an update for an invisible fence but he should be on his way anytime and although we'll be quite sad about that we wish him and his new family the very best. Because of him, Stella and I are back in the groove of walking 2-3 miles every morning and while most of our friends don't see that as a good thing (at 6am) we need the discipline and the exercise so it really was a gift. He's learned a million things over the last six weeks as well including how to walk past a cat without causing an explosion and how to drag a seventy pound pit bull around by the jaw. It was a mostly good experience having him, and Stella has never been happier in her life, except maybe that day when she and Diesel swam the creek  summer before last. She may need some counseling after he leaves but hopefully she'll adjust quickly. Meanwhile, we're still romping it up in the neighborhood every morning and making all the dogs go berserk in their own yards.

Hope you all and yours have a great day and a remarkable new year!!