Thursday, August 8, 2013


Just dropping in to say "Hi!". I took this photo last week when Stella and I went over to  play with her friend Chuy. She actually had on her happy face for a change so I couldn't resist.

Probably the most exciting thing that happened recently was that she finally caught that squirrel she's been chasing for the last five years. It was ugly but not as bad as you might expect. It was mortally wounded in the initial blow of course but without any input from me whatsoever,  she appeared to feel sorry. I expected a complete bone-munching feast but studying it, still breathing, she backed off and sat down with this totally guilty look on her face, at which point I calmly said: "I guess you need to go sit up on the deck and think about what you did." And to my great surprise, she did.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spring Clean


This past Saturday I had someone come to give the meadow its annual haircut. It made the backyard so big that Stella and I played out there nearly all afternoon. Up to that point we'd had an invasion or rather I should say, a long visit from a flock of robins. Not everyone enjoyed this feathery wonderland but I was mesmerized. Unfortunately, they moved on when the mower came. 

I had planned to have someone cut the portion of the Cottonwood tree (on the left) that fell last summer but now that everything else is removed I think some free wheeling flowery vine on the trunk could be a nice transition. Not sure what'll grow back there in the shade but maybe there's something...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Return Visit

Some time ago we got word that one of our foster cats (mine and Stella's) was being returned due to a hopefully temporary economic setback. The extraordinarily handsome boy known to us back in the summer as Joey – now named Chance – has returned for an extended visit. This has made for an adventurous December as he's now somewhere in the neighborhood of nine months old which puts him in the "real wild child" category. My cat Gigi would love to hate him but he won't let her.

Stella loves him because apparently he knows the play bow which as you all might guess action sets off all manner of YouTube-worthy chaos. The two of them have been riding the rugs through the new living room and scattering cat litter all over the house for going on three weeks.

In case chasing after a dog that outweighs you by sixty pounds isn't enough in the "I might be a lunatic" department, Last Monday I had to get up and shower at 5 a.m. and after rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, I looked down and this cat was sitting in the shower with me. It was absolutely all I could do not to make eye contact.

Here's a picture of Joey Chance first from back in July, and then earlier today (on squirrel patrol with Stella).