Thursday, November 20, 2014

Foster Dog Anyone?

So we (Stella and I) are the proud new caretakers of one mutt foster dog who appears to be the sweetest dog alive. It's still the honeymoon phase though and he did have my whole cat in his mouth at one point this week so I'm not counting chickens just yet. No harm done - well no physical harm done to either one of them - incredibly. If it sounds like a crazy riot though, you can be sure that it was complete with an explosion of furniture and yelling. He's learning though and in a single week, he's had a world to process that is very different from the one he's lived in for the last five months.

We're actively trying to find this pup a home before he becomes a full grown dog so if you know of anyone who deserves a wonderful new best friend... give a shout and I'll happily send the details your way. (Also, see link to his Petfinder profile below)

Meanwhile I thought it might be a good thing to record some of his antics for his future owner(s) especially now that the cat incident is behind us. To be honest I think he'll be fine with cats in the end. He's a wild puppy just like someone we all know and love (ahem) started out. Did I mention that they are in love with one another? It's wonderful to watch because Stella hasn't had a dog in her life that she really liked since Diesel. He came for a visit back in the summer and although he was a perfectly lovely house guest, he declined to play their old wrestling games (could be he was just missing his owner and his new and improved life and therefore wasn't feeling it) This dog on the other hand was riding on Stella's back just two days ago. Riding her. Like a pony. He isn't a small puppy either. He weighs about thirty-five pounds. It was hilarious fun.

His name is Rusty. Or Banjo. Or whatever you want it to be ;-)


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Oh! e's a handsome boy! Unfortunately, Stumpy and I aren't ready for an addition to the family. Well, we are. but common sense says the time is not right.

You know, of course, that no blog post is complete without a picture of Stella.

2 Punk Dogs said...

Yay, you're alive! :)
Foster puppy is adorable, too bad we're full up & in the frozen Northeast.

Lynn (in Louisiana) said...

I saw your comment on ohmidog and thought I'd pop over to say hi!
I used to read all your blogs. I especially enjoyed reading about the carnies and of course Stella. Somehow I lost touch and now see that your blogs went POOF so maybe that's what happened. Glad to find you again!

Susan Adcock said...

Just wanted to thank you all for stopping by once again. It's always fun to hear from old friends. I didn't really mean to stop blogging but life just gets in the way as I'm sure you're all aware :) Have a great holiday.