Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I got up last Friday and told Stella it was her lucky day. If she were a teenager, I'm certain I would've gotten the full blown eye roll right then and there. It was a long busy day and she was surprised when I produced her leash again at 5:30. We drove for a little while and then turned onto a winding road bordered at the back by a creek. I turned the rear view mirror in her direction. She was about to scratch off a ticket worth more than five dollars, I wanted to see her face if I could. Her nose went straight out the window. A minute later we pulled into a driveway we hadn't been in since early January. A familiar black dog headed up to the gate toward us. He blinked, looked behind him and again at us, as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

I waved at him. He knew then, who and what he was looking at. As did his former girlfriend, Stella. She jumped into the front seat, which she never does, and then back to the backseat again as I slowly drove down the driveway and into the parking spot. Now if this were a movie, we'd be at the part where we're all running toward each other through a field of daisies in slow motion. The love fest that followed was so sweet it would rot your teeth. Diesel jumped into the back seat of my car and sat down facing forward, like it was yesterday and when I told him to get out he simply moved over to the other seat and sat down again. It was hysterical. There's no question he's having the time of his life at the farm. He has all he needs there to fill up his days with the things dogs love most. Toys, treats, canine friends, feline friends, love and attention, livestock, a horse trough filled with water. He's still the same lover boy that he always was and although we probably overstayed our welcome (having too much fun - you understand) I still hope we get to do it again sometime. Many thanks to Diesel's mom for the invitation and great DINNER.

Friday, April 13, 2012


We went straight out the door yesterday morning and found a double cheeseburger on the ground. Stella found it incomprehensible that I didn't hand the entire thing over to her.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Did you all know that dog walking can inspire a person to spontaneously write and sing (terrible) songs to the dog while walking? Some might consider it abusive, I don't know. This caterwauling can include lyrics about hot dogs, toe nails, puppies, dog poo, soft bellies or funnel cakes. Apparently nothing is off limits. I pray to God the neighbors never hear me.

On another whole subject, I think I'm going to start telling people Stella's name is Boom-chaka-laka-laka. 

(*note: I'm now told the word is "Boomshakalaka" but we'll stick with the French spelling for now ;)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday

I can't begin to understand what dogs think but I know this for sure.
Stella has ideas about the Easter Bunny that aren't what we humans would consider sweet. In fact, I suspect they lean more toward the diabolical.

white eyelashes
She knows where he lives. 
He's been weed eating the back yard
for a couple of weeks now.   

She texted him:

He wasn't provoked.
No sign of Sunny the turtle.
She normally comes for Memorial Day but
I'm hoping she'll show up a little early this year. 
More on that later.