Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday

I can't begin to understand what dogs think but I know this for sure.
Stella has ideas about the Easter Bunny that aren't what we humans would consider sweet. In fact, I suspect they lean more toward the diabolical.

white eyelashes
She knows where he lives. 
He's been weed eating the back yard
for a couple of weeks now.   

She texted him:

He wasn't provoked.
No sign of Sunny the turtle.
She normally comes for Memorial Day but
I'm hoping she'll show up a little early this year. 
More on that later.



2 Punk Dogs said...

Maggie & Duke definitely lean towards diabolical as well. Stella has the classic hitman demeanor in the first picture. Her stick choice is impressive; "Mr.Bunny, see what I'm doing to this giant stick? This could happen to you if you're not careful."

Kari in Vegas said...

That is one impressive stick!

Stop on by for a visit

Anonymous said...

Luke, I am your father.

Nice pics of that dog.

Pee Wee

Susan Rose said...

Susan, will you please help me out with STBY and MTFBY?

Stella, between you and my cats, I'm surprised bunnies aren't extinct. And BTW, the bunnies are NOT Goliath. Please save the giant slingshot for lions, tigers and bears.

susan said...

That stick is the only one she can find (and carry) that fights her back :) She's what friend Christine would call a nutburger! Susan: here is your new reference manual for the day
Hope the Easter bunny made it by to see you all :)

Susan Rose said...

Yep. Stella is a nutburger. I love the last photo because of the look in her eyes.

Thanks for the link. It helps to know a few phrases, though I doubt if I'll ever text. I'm a luddite who resists "too much, too fast." (I'm still patting myself on the back for having two websites that AREN'T facebook.)

Les Kerr said...

Great photos, Susan!