Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Looks like a dog out of a Mark Twain story."

She went on the road a carny dog the first three months of her life, made it through four state fairs and a variety of other spots throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. Carnival life can be really hard on a dog. Those that survive it often turn out to be some of the greatest dogs in the world though (Trish and Chi Chi come to mind).

Stella got off the road early, in Nashville and thanks to her previous owners, came to live at my house. This is her story from that point forward.


Rob said...

Glad Stella has her own place. I'll be checking in.

susan said...

Thanks Rob, I hope I can catch/keep up.

Anonymous said...

Just found you through a wonderful blog and a dog named Stumpy.
I am a former carnie who traveled WI ( a few decades ago.)
I look forward to reading both your blogs.