Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Boyfriend

Me and Janet and Stella went to the show(s) living quarters in Gallatin this morning to drop her back off at her house. Stella, still with ONE MORE WEEK of restriction - couldn't get out the car so again, we only stayed a few minutes. I decided at the last minute that she might need to "stretch" for a minute and that's when we met the very fun-loving and personable Bandit.

I have to say male dogs aren't always her favorite playmates but these two were obviously cut from the same cloth. They seemed instantly compatible and they could have had a fabulous romp out there too except that right after the sniffing and a great deal of eyelash batting, the mean old witch (me) put Stella right back in the car. She made it clear for the first mile of our trip back that I had just totally screwed up her whole day.

(Note: Check out that air conditioned tent! Janet's is the one in the middle. Thanks for the comments in the last post and a big welcome to our newest visitors.)


Pee Wee said...

Whoa. Pretty sure I've not ever seen an air-conditioned tent.

Too cool!

Arrr, Arrr Arrr! ha

Susan Rose said...

One more week! Then you'll both be free from the rules of confinement.

I'd like to see the look on Stella's face when she finally gets to ruuunnnnnnnn! Have you planned the moment to make it extra special? Will you take her to a park and throw a ball? Maybe a trip to the beach?

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

wow air conditioned tents thats really cool :)

sorry your mommy wouldnt let you play

Woodrow Sweetie & MJ

susan said...

I think her first real exercise will be swimming in the lake. I hope it will get her muscles toned up a little before she starts really turning it on. I may have mentioned it before but she seems to think her pedigree is not canine but equine. Northern Dancer. or (better) Spend a Buck- ha!