Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowman Patrol

It's been exactly a week ago that four inches of snow fell on Nashville. We don't generally see a lot of snow and when we do it isn't usually enough to make a snowman although that doesn't discourage anyone from trying. Stella never saw one until last Saturday. By then the snow had frozen but on Friday night around ten p.m. she and I went out walking under the full moon. The full 'Wolf' moon no less. I tried to get her to howl but she wouldn't do it. It was wonderful fun. There was no threat of traffic; it was totally quiet. We ran up and down the backyard and slid down the street. We broke a weld on the buckle of her harness and didn't even notice it for two days.

When the surface froze on Saturday walking was more of a chore but that didn't stop Stella's efforts to run all those rogue snowmen out of town.


Susan Rose said...

Looks like Stella is wearing one of your sweaters. How cute!

I'm glad y'all are enjoying some snow. (There's nothing like a frisky Pit Bull to bring out the kid in you.) We don't get snow every year, but this seems to be the "year of snow," so maybe there's hope.

susan said...

Hey Susan, that's an extra long scarf wrapped around her bod with (I'm sorry to say) safety pins. She had a cute coat last year that I bought online but she outgrew it so now she has to settle for hand-me-downs :) I did give her one of my t-shirts but I haven't taken her picture in it yet. It says: "I do all my own stunts" Hope you get some snow too, preferably when you don't have any place to go.