Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pool Party

So, the baby pool was a huge hit. I'm not sure the pictures convey it but Stella had a lot of fun playing in it and I only had to remove her teeth from the puffy, blow-up rings twice. I guess it was an idle threat. We all know if she'd really been biting it that thing would be flat right now.
A few weeks back wewent to an event called Dog Day in May and a guy from one of the local big pet stores gave us a bag of party favors. He put five frisbees in it, which I (blindly) thought was excessive. I flew the first one - the very first one - and by the time Stella got back to me with it, it was destroyed. There were like nine holes in it and it was permanently warped; a goner. Okay Stella. We get it. She needs industrial toys.

Moving on to an entirely different topic, I continue to be amazed at the number of kids who approach us and ask me if they can pet Stella. Granted, she does get out a lot and some kids don't have the chance to interact with dogs but I don't think I'd let my own child run up to a strange dog. A few posts back I wrote that she's still spooked by kids but now I'm thinking it might just be certain kids and the way they approach her. If I were to be honest, I'd have to say that my response usually feeds it. Just minutes after one of her latest kid-friendly bursts of crazy energy - we stopped at one of the neighbor's houses where there's a three year old girl with two Boxers. This child sat on the deck and ignored Stella which I'm happy to report took Stella completely by surprise. It was the exact right thing to do. I was thirty feet away.

So, Friday night when a seven(ish) year old girl at the ballpark, ran over and asked me if she could pet my dog I agreed but asked her to stand still and only look at me for a minute. She got this serious expression on her face and asked (more specifically now) if Stella would bite her.

"No, never" I said, but she might jump at you because she's a dingy girl who gets excited if you're excited. This was language that apparently she could understand. A minute later she was petting Stella and reciting the same speech to her three siblings all of whom were standing around now petting her and telling me about their dog - Leo. When we walked away Stella smiled at me and had a little skip in her step that wasn't there before.


Two Pitties in the City said...

At least it's nice that they're asking to pet her, and not coming up all stealth and doing it by surprise (which actually happens to us a ton). Is she still preparing for CGC?

susan said...

We are (ourselves) still training for CGC but we may wait a few months and see if her focus improves with age (and practice) The thing she failed was passing the strange dog. We do that all the time in the neighborhood but in a class room it's a different dynamic. We've had a few of those kids charging up to us too. I have to go to the "zen" place when it happens!! haha.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I always tell the kids, "thank you for asking, that's so smart of you!" and show them how to introduce themselves, (hand out,palms down and slow)and I tell them they need to check with mom, dad, or guardian. That usually brings the parents over and they generally appreciate the lesson.

Susan Rose said...

I can't believe this blow-up pool has survived five minutes with Stella. I envisioned her in the other type of kiddie pool that doesn't need inflating.

Happy swimming, Stella!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

You are such a good Mommy! I do try to show the little kiddos how to pet Braxton & Lulu when we walk..they are usually pretty fast learners!