Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Running Bases

She usually stays out of the infield but every once in a while, she loses control I guess, her brain goes haywire and she passes the frisbee on the ground and just heads for the bases. She got a Chuck-it ball launcher (well I guess we both got it) for Christmas. It's a huge hit.

She's also managed to overcome her fear of skateboards over the last month or so. I actually haven't tested her with other skateboards (maybe it's rogue teenage boys she's afraid of) but she's no longer afraid of the one we're currently using as a rickshaw. There's a video in the works, we'll keep you posted.


Two Pitties in the City said...

How did you help her get over her fear of skateboards? Miss M hates skateboarders and tries to eat them. It doesn't help that E is a skater and Miss M absolutely freaks out when she sees him go by, and she tried to grab some guys skateboard with her hand once. Skateboards are the only thing she really freaks out about.

susan said...

That's the only thing Stella freaks out about too. I'd love to know why. I borrowed a board and took it walking with us. She was very suspicious and weird about it at first but without a person on it she seemed a lot more relaxed. We walked a couple of times with it and then I sat on the thing rolling along beside her. At first the sound scared her and she ran faster but it didn't take her long to realize that nothing bad was going to happen. Now I think she actually likes it. E, being far younger than myself could eventually stand up on the thing (assuming he has a helmet and some insurance :) There are some fun videos on YouTube if you look up skateboard/dogs.

susan said...

>That's the only thing Stella freaks out about too.

That and Santa Claus - and squirrels in the attic :)

Susan Rose said...

You GO, Stella!

Happy New Year!

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Stumpy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE our chuckit! No more slimy tennis balls!

It's HUGE that you've gotten Stella past a fear like that. It says mountains with regard to the connection you two have.

Can't wait for video!

Kristine said...

Congratulations on helping her get over her fear! That is a huge accomplishment. You must be so proud.

I've seen those Chuck-Its before but haven't used one yet. Maybe it would help me throw a little further.

susan said...

Kristine: you MUST get one. You won't believe how far that ball will go. It's worth every penny.

Happy New Year to you Susan Rose! Was just perusing your gorgeous photos last night.

GSC: I still have to test her out on real skaters. Instead of running away, she may try to run along with them now but at least maybe she won't be afraid (?) We'll see. It sure is fun being towed though.