Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Nursery; Day 5

Alright for the sake of discussion, I'm going to temporarily name the kittens. They'll probably change later on when I'm able to tell girls from boys. I'm almost certain that the first born, the one that appears to be black is really an odd variation of a calico (which would make her automatically a girl) but we'll see. She has very faint orange stripes and an orange and white mask across her eyes. I can't wait to see how that fills out, it's really unusual. For now, the black(ish) one is Gypsy. The middle child (Cowboy) looks a lot like Domino and the baby is (Whiskey Nick) a smoky gray with white feet and face. Sorry but last time we had rescued kittens, they got Hee Haw names, this time we're going with carnies. Those are names I'll never run out of. I told someone yesterday, they're only five days old and they're literally getting cuter by the minute.

So night before last I wake up at 2:30 in the morning surprised to find Domino in the bed with me, snuggled up close, almost totally engulfed by the blanket. She had obviously been asleep there. I waited a couple of minutes for her leave but she settled down again. I lifted my head and she did too, giving me that little burst of a purring sound that cats make as if to say "What?" I said, "Why are you in here and not with your babies?" I felt around her body for any sign of them. Nothing. A little panicky now, I got up and went the short distance to my office. I peered into the closet. There was only one kitten, sleeping alone in the box. "(Insert expletive)", I said heading back to the bedroom. Without noticing, I passed Domino in the hall. When I got back to the bed I turned on the light and there was another, curled up on the blanket. One kitten missing. I carefully peeled back the blankets, and found nothing. "What is going on?" I demanded to know from the next room.

No answer.

She'd carried two of them into the bed and then when I got up, she grabbed one and made a bee line back to the closet with it. She never came back for the one that was left in my bed so I took it back and gave her some kind of grandma-type lecture/guilt trip and didn't see her again all night. Yesterday morning she again started scouting around for somewhere to take them. I got out the spare dog bed and put it under my desk. Within minutes, she set about moving them all in and that's where they've been ever since.

Have I mentioned she's in heat?

That warrants a lecture too but for all the good it does - I think I'll skip it.
Happy spring!


Kari in WeHo said...

That black/calico cat is very cool looking!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh. My. Heck ! (yeah..I know it's :hell" but I live in Utah..)They are the MOST adorable kitties ever..and I love love love the names. Hope they stick.

Oh, and you should write a book..you are too cute. Love this entry and tell MamaKitty to straighten up her act..
Give Stella a scratch behind her ear from me :-)

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

hmmm... somehow I missed kitties being born. I love the carny names! Domino and I seem to have pretty equal mothering skills.

Susan Rose said...

The kitties are BEAUTIFUL!

That's so sweet of Domino to trust you with her kitties in your bed. I'm sure she was feeling cramped in that box with three kids.

Is Stella still obeying your command to "git," or is she helping out a little?

susan said...

Kari: yes, she's going to be unusual I think.

Colleen: thanks, I hope those names stick too. Sometimes that actually helps them get adopted.

Cyndi: she moved those babies under an ottoman for the last four days and I haven't heard a peep out of them. It's the calm before the storm ha!

Susan: Stella gits when I tell her too but today I opened the door and told her her to come in and lie down. She tiptoed in (if a dog can tiptoe) from about three feet away, got to see all three kittens have breakfast. She was very sweet and Domino didn't seem to mind at all.