Monday, July 11, 2011

Lefty and Domino

Saying Hello and Goodbye (to the felines)

Sorry I've been out of touch but it's been wild around here for the last two or three weeks. Janet and Lefty went to PetSmart last Thursday. Janet was adopted last night and according to sources, Lefty has a sign on his cage that says: Almost There. That basically means someone went home to either think it over or get their checkbook so it looks like we're kitten free. I've started putting the house back together - finally.

Momma'cat Domino, or as my friend Karen called her "Momino", is going to her forever home this Saturday. Me and Stella are crazy about her but my original cat Gigi, isn't that easily swayed. Domino basically hit the mother lode when my other friend Pam decided they'd be a good fit. She's going west of Nashville to live in a beautiful house in the woods where she'll have her own screened in porch, among other things.

Stella meanwhile, has empty nest syndrome. The night after I took the last kittens out of here, she slept in the doorway of the spare bedroom most of the night. It was sad but it looks like there's a chance we'll be getting a (temporary) foster DOG now so I don't expect her grief to last all that long.
More on that later.

The kittens were a wonderful experience for Stella (me too) and I hope they love their new homes as much as we loved having them around. I wrote to someone yesterday and told him that after this I was going back to rescuing people because they don't usually tear your drapes off the wall*.

(*Attention new kitten owners: The curtain thing will pass. Until then you can tie your curtains in a knot at the windowsill or take aim with a spray bottle of water (my personal favorite training tool). Either way, thank you, enjoy, and don't hesitate to send us an update now and then.)


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh the look on Lefty's face in that photo? Precious! And..happy happy happy kittiers and new homes!
Stella was such a great big sister..good for her! And, poor baby..missing them already. What a surprise she will have with a new room-mate..

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

great to hear that the kittens are safe and sound. you and stella did some amazing work! but don't be too sure about people not tearing up the drapes, i've got 2 teenage boys and nothing seems to be off limits!