Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, there's a little fox in my neighborhood.
I suspect he's the one looting my tomato plants.
Both dogs spotted him this morning on our walk
at about the same time he spotted us.
It's a wonder there's any skin left on my elbows at all.


Kari in Vegas said...

oooo that must have been a workout for the arms


Anonymous said...

Susan, Diesel is a doll! You can really tell Stella is in love.

Re: Fox Sighting - I always think it's good luck since they are so similar to cats....ha!

susan said...

Thanks, I agree totally on the fox sightings. Kari: it was suspiciously tame. I do need to write a whole blog post though about what happens when a grown-up woman goes tooling off through the suburbs with a feisty pitbull and a recently "tutored" male dog that's been on a chain for three years.

susan said...

BTW, "grown-up" is code for: middle-aged.

Vickie said...

Hey now, don't be putting down middle aged. I figure if we made it this far, we've got lots more to go! It seems like things are just getting more interesting every day!