Friday, December 2, 2011

Treats for humans

Diesel and I got a little birthday present in the mail today. We had a cheapie video camera last year sometime but it stopped working (as expected - it was really cheap). This one isn't top of the line or anything but in nice light, I think it'll be fine and I can use it for my impromptu interviews as well. The sound is excellent.
This little clip was just me trying it out for the first time. I predict someone is going to fall hard for this face when it finally does happen. Until then...


Susan Rose said...

OMGosh! Yes, it's gonna happen. Someone will be twitter-pated by Diesel's sweetie-pie face and those dreamy eyes! (And that wiggly bod.)

Until then, he is blessed to be with you and Stella. Ha! It's funny how Stella got bored and exited the scene.

sp said...

little bear gives looks like that, but carlos has what i call "murder eyes"