Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pooch Plunge

Here's how it started.

I saw an ad for a fund-raiser for Nashville Public Television (NpT). It said bring your dog and swim all day at Nashville Shores. It sounded like fun. I can't remember the exact date, sometime in September. The forecast called for rain that day and organizers (basically) wimped out at the last minute and postponed the thing. It was stormy that week so I'm sure they thought no one would come. Anyway, they forgot to call me and Stella so we drove thirty minutes only to find a sign at the gate that said they'd rescheduled it to October 17. Come back then, it said. The weather cleared and we went walking at a different part of the lake that day. We splashed but we did not plunge.

The morning of October 17 it was cool and rainy. I checked the (Nashville Shores) website to make sure the event was still on and it said that it was. Seems I should've checked Twitter or the NpT website - two weeks earlier. We missed the memo. Again, we drove thirty minutes and again they were closed. Not a dog in sight.

So we broke in.
It just seemed like the thing to do. Trespass. With a Pit Bull.

We took a walking tour. We shot some pictures. We saw two deer and chased a few geese. We barked our asses off at some little concrete fishermen. We did not support public television (that day), nor did we plunge.

Next year.


Joe Pagetta said...

Ugh... that top photo breaks my heart! I'm so sorry you and Stella didn't get the messages about the Pooch Plunge postponement and subsequent cancellation. The weather just wouldn't cooperate. We are definitely bringing it back next year and hope you and Stella join us.

Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend.

Your pics are fantastic!

Joe Pagetta

susan said...

Hey Joe! Thanks, we'll definitely be there next year. We love public television. Stella thinks she's some kind of rock star around Nashville so you may even see us somewhere before then. Have a great weekend.

Susan Rose said...

Breaking in was the only sensible thing to do. :)