Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stick Hunter (the underwater edition)

So..I guess her eyes are open right? This isn't an illusion created by the camera either. She stayed under the water searching for something like six or eight seconds (it was all I could do not to call out her name). She finally came up with a stick and ran like hell in every directions before she finally slung it out of reach and went back in for something else.

Today we took neighbor Judy to a doctor's appointment at local hospital where people were using Stella to soothe a crying baby from a third floor window. Eventually the baby and her grandparents came outside to meet us in person and Stella (after some random craziness) licked the baby pretty much from head to toe. Shame I didn't get a picture of that. We also passed some time with a mom whose son was getting his second round of chemotherapy. She actually gave me an idea about getting Stella a job as a sort of indirect therapy dog - because moms and other family members need some support occasionally too. I wonder if you have to be certified for that. I guess it wouldn't hurt to just go back up there and ask.


Princess said...

Love these shots! I took Princess to a creak near me for the second time and I got to see her leap through it like Stella in that second picture for the first time in my life, too bad I didn't get a picture though! I don't think my camera could handle it.

But if so, I'd have proof that Princess isn't scared of water and shouldn't act like a dog who's being tortured when I try to give her a bath!

Susan Rose said...

Well, this was worth the wait... both your story and your photos. I love seeing Stella launch out of the water in a high-speed blur.

As far as indirect therapy, Stella is already doing that via the internet. Now if you could just add some virtual doggie breath, licks and "random craziness."