Friday, April 2, 2010

Rosco & Co.

Met two interesting dogs this week. Neither one was a carny dog but we thought they deserved a mention. The first was a rescued mix who worked as a greeter at the offices of a funeral director. Sweet dog. Not a dog you meet every day.

The second was Roscoe (pictured). Rosco is a twelve-and-a-half year old Miniature Pinscher whose day job is at a local Crematory for humans and pets. Roscoe doesn't do a lot of greeting since (with all due respect) most of the visitors there aren't particularly talkative or for that matter, mobile. He was did really well to put up with me for the better part of three hours on Tuesday. Rosco doesn't have a lot of experience with big flashy cameras but he can walk past a sixteen hundred fifty degree oven with an air of self-confidence and a fair amount of caution. Also - not a dog you meet every day.


Schwang said...

They would make interesting "dogs with jobs" features. What interesting things they must see each day.

Susan Rose said...

I assume you accompanied Barney to the crematorium. You have acted like a loving daughter to him, giving him the peace he needed in his last months.

Barney was blessed to have you and Stella (and vice versa).

susan said...

Schwang, I took the opportunity to create a tag with that name. Surely we can find some other interesting canines out there to showcase here.

Susan, special emphasis on the "vice versa" :) It was a gorgeous day. It felt right to go with Barney and I'm really glad now that I did.