Friday, August 20, 2010


(clockwise: Minnie Pearl, Buck, Roy and Lulu)

Speaking of cats, we seem to have inherited a flock of them from my irresponsible neighbor, Judy. Today is her birthday so again I'll refrain from telling the world exactly what I think of her behavior. Back when her son impulsively gave her a kitten for Thanksgiving - I saw this entire scene play out in my head and now here it is, larger than life, just two weeks shy of mine and Stella's much anticipated trip to Baltimore. We're scrambling to find homes for a mama cat and three kittens (I hope you all will call me if you're looking for a new best friend and feel free to pass this link on to anyone in the Nashville area or anyone on the way to Baltimore for that matter. They're free but if I get a vibe that says you won't spay or neuter the animal, or generally love the socks off of it, the deal is off and I walk away with the cat. Furthermore, I'm not optimistic about their future although I may agree to officially foster this clan if I can find them a babysitter from September 5-11. At this point I can't think of who to call exactly. In my circle of friends, the exact right person may not exist. If anybody has an idea on that I'd love to hear it too. Meanwhile - neither Stella nor Gigi have seen the kittens. Gigi is kind of fired up about there being one cat in her basement, let alone four.

It's amazing the mother cat is so great considering how young she is and that she's been living on macaroni and cheese for the last eight months. Wish us luck :)


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I just saw this and though maybe you could share it with your neighbor.

I'll spread the word about the kitties. I hope you can find them wonderful homes!

susan said...

That video is perfect. I"m sure she'd be entertained but miss the connection. Thanks for spreading the word too.

susan said...

p.s. Stella finally did see the kittens. She was hypnotized into utter exhaustion.

Susan Rose said...

An excellent video from GSChihuahua. You're right, Susan. Your neighbor probably wouldn't get it. Anyone who raises a kitten on mac and cheese for eight months is impaired between the ears.

I wish I could have seen Stella watch the kittens. If she was hypnotized, I take it that she didn't identify them as "prey." I'll bet her heart was pounding with delight over their awesomeness.

susan said...

Well, I can't say that prey didn't cross her mind :) but it's a good chance to teach her otherwise. If she'd have been a cartoon, her eyes would have been spinning in their sockets but when both mama cat and I said stay - she did.

AZ said...

I was feeding a stray and all I had for food was either Science Diet or Fancy Feast (the food I fed my cats). One morning I was frying potatoes, and that stray was having a fit walking between my feet meowing to high heaven. I gave him a plate of fried potatoes and he was in seventh heaven. I think he was raised on fried potatoes.