Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

We went for a walk downtown this morning at Nashville's, or I suppose I should say Tennessee's Bicentennial Capitol Mall. It's a great place to walk or jog and Stella seems to have a good time whenever we go down there. Unfortunately, the flood in May did some serious damage to the fountains so we were unable to cool off. The signs say no dogs but I have several photos of kids and dogs all playing in the water together. If they're ever repaired, we plan to plead ignorance.

We met a nice man named Ernest who was picking up litter. He really liked Stella although she was a little suspicious of his litter collecting equipment. Eventually she got over herself and they got to be friends but it took a few tries. He had that same sparkly energy that kids do. Next time we're taking his picture.

Here's a different version of the Dennis Leary (has a Labradoodle) meets the bear video. Maybe this time it'll work longer than ten minutes. [LINK]


Janet Dillon Robinson said...

I love the bottom photo! :)

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I was reading about the flood damage and how things are not getting done and fixed. So sad that our country is in such a mess, everywhere.

Stella is so photogenic! Such a cutey!

Since I love Dennis Leary and David Letterman, I goggled the piece after you posted it last time. I should have thinaked you then. Niether disa ppointed!

susan said...

Thanks Janet, that tongue cracks me up.

GSC, the initial cleanup from the flood seemed to go pretty well but some things appear to be low on the list. I'm sure it isn't popular opinion but from listening to people brag about their (sudden) altruism, you'd think we were the only city to:
1. ever have a flood
2. help our neighbors clean up afterward
You can't imagine the chest beating that's still going on three months later.

Susan Rose said...

Stella's gonna trip over that tongue one day. :)

Pee Wee said...

Whoa, a couple of great pictures.

And, Susan Rose is right,"Stella's gonna trip over that tongue one day. :)"