Sunday, January 30, 2011


"Just so I understand Stella, you can eat horse manure -
but you're grossed out by the thought of stepping in your own pee?"

I hate to say this but Miss Sweetness and Light, was a real bully the day before yesterday at the dog park. I'm not sure why unless it was the abundance of big dogs or maybe that she hasn't had the same level of exercise since the weather's been so bad lately. There were probably fifteen or twenty dogs there and one puppy. All of them were big romping stomping dogs too. I say she was a bully but really the thing is, she's taken to growling when she plays with other dogs. Not every dog responds well to it and their people certainly don't. Most of the dogs just went the other direction and didn't pay her much mind but a couple of them held their ground. Fortunately, she did find one dog Layla, I think her name was, who agreed to wrestle with her full out until both of them were exhausted. Then of course Stella went off to challenge all the others, to steal their toys, pee on their frisbees before they could retrieve them, square off with their children and generally cause an uproar. I finally just put the leash on her and we left. She came home and collapsed in her chair for a couple of hours and (just to drive home a point) I got her up and made her walk about two miles at the ball park. After that, she was a little more laid back.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Somedays there is no explaining or understanding their (or our) behavior. A walk, I think, always helps!

susan said...

I have to agree. Today we walked four miles and then went to the dog park. Everything was a lot more relaxed. She was pushy still, but the growling had thankfully disappeared.

Susan Rose said...

Stella reminds me of a certain 3-year-old who I dearly love. Most of the time she's wonderful, but some of the developmental phases have been "surprising."

I suppose Stella is now a teenager who is feeling her oats and testing the amount of power she has over others.

Susan Rose said...

I want to add... Stella looks so tough in the first pic! One look like that, and I would give her all the money in the drawer. :)

I met a young male PB yesterday named "Boss." He was a muscular ball of wiggles and happiness, riding shotgun in his truck. So beautiful.