Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We're there in the kitchen, the two of us. I empty the wax paper tube of the last few Ritz crackers, toss it in the trash can, and open a fresh one. I take a few crackers out, twist the top closed and drop it into a big bowl on the counter. I carry the plate of cheese and crackers into my office and sit down at the computer. Time passes.

You know how when you have children and they get into stuff and suddenly you realize you haven't heard them in a while? That's what happened. When I snapped to attention I heard a licking sound. The sound of paper, wax paper, scooting across old linoleum. I stepped around the corner and there stood Stella in the middle of the kitchen floor, head down, caught in the act. All I thought of was the new pack of crackers. So instead of thinking that she'd lifted the old paper out of the can (which is what happened), in my head - she'd just finished an entire pack of new crackers. The look on my face apparently conveyed this thought rather well. I say that because the second our eyes met - Stella tore out of the room past me, ran into her crate and laid down.

Fifteen minutes later, I said "Alright Stella, you've suffered enough," and she stood up and walked out.

What does your dog do when it knows it's done something bad?

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giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Stumpy also high tails it for the crate! A sure sign that we have raised out dogs right...They feel safe in there.

Who says a dog can't have a guilty conscience?

Two Pitties in the City said...

I love how you tell these stories. Mr. B is especially sensitive and will run back to his crate and even quiver. Sometimes we know Miss M is the one that did it (lay on the couch), but he will still take the blame.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

Great post!
My Buddy is a rescue with a lot of trauma in his past. He looks calm and cool, but JUST under the surface, he's a bundle of nerves. If busted, (which would be often if not watched!. Butter on counters, dinner not yet put away, you name it, if it's within doggy reach!) paces back & forth, with those eyes staring at you, looking sooooo guilty! It's really hard not to give up a chuckle, poor guy!

sp said...

my foster dog carlos NEVER acts like he's done anything wrong, no matter how purple in the face I get. my fury only seems to encourage him to try harder to finish eating his contraband before i get a chance to take it away.

although sometimes it works out...when it came to the enormous, muddy, stepped-on a million times slice of pizza on the street, i never even got a finger on it before carlos hoovered up the whole thing. and his eyes were positively bulging with the effort, which was terribly amusing. so i was able to keep my gloves clean, and have a good laugh, and carlos got to eat a dirty piece of pizza. win-win?

Susan Rose said...

Hi, Susan. I'm unable to leave a comment on the calendar post. There's not a link. Did I wait too long?

About Stella: I hope you gave her a cracker after the "unfair" suffering she endured. :)

susan said...

Hi Susan, no you aren't too late. Not sure why it's fighting you. Here's a shortened version of the link:

sp: Love that talk of muddy pizza. Stella almost got a whole summer sausage in her mouth last weekend. I had to launch myself across a ballfield to stop her. I would've never gotten it out of her mouth (and then things would've gotten gastro-ugly) Yes, also to your calendar question. I'd love for anyone who wants one to have it at cost. I'll get the details and let you all know in a day or two.

Carey: thanks, I had to fight back a laugh too when she ran past me. She never counter surfed before so I was pretty shocked.

Two Pitties: I love the vision of Mr. B taking the blame. That's priceless, thanks.

GSC: I never realized the power of the crate. We call it "the dog house" which is (oddly) a carnival reference - I should do a post on that sometime.

loveandaleash said...

i agree with two pitties-- so entertainingly written. you are a master of this craft!

follow our foster:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

When she realizes she has done something wrong we will let you know.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

hahahaha! Poor Stella! Guilty until proven innocent, eh?? Lulu really gives the old sad eyes..head down..looking like she just lost her best friend..can't get angry with THAT look!

Susan Rose said...

Susan, I could get to the page, but I didn't/don't see a comment link. I'm probably looking right at it.