Thursday, January 12, 2012

The new calendar is here!

 ..and it is pretty swell, if I did produce the entire thing myself. I know January is almost over but if you'd like to win one, leave us a comment below and we'll employ one of those random generated number things to pick a winner, a week from tomorrow. That would be Friday, January 20th at 9am. It isn't a popularity contest so you don't have to call all your friends or anything unless of course, you just want to.

I should say a couple of other things about this 2012 calendar. There was only one dog from last year who managed to reappear. It's Eight Ball. Some of you may remember him from the Bumper Cars. This time around I dug out Eight-Ball's puppy pictures. He deserved to be in there twice. He was awesome and is sorely missed.

If anyone knows Kelli of Fred and Kelli please let her know they made it in there too.

Last update: (she said) Someone already wrote and asked me if the  calendars are for sale. I hadn't planned on selling them this year but if a person were to drop $25. in my paypal account along with a mailing address, I imagine one might end up at your house before too long. I looked around for cheaper ones this year but the ones I found really were cheaper all around. 

*Stay tuned for the Diesel report - which includes horse kicking!
(no dogs were harmed)


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

That's so cool. We did our first Foley Monster, Pocket and Friends calendar this year with our grandbabies. I am sure yours is very cool.

Susan Rose said...

Calendars are so much fun! I know yours offers a unique slice of life.

Vickie said...

I have my chocolate calendar up right now but I might be persuaded to hang 2 calendars this year. Do you think I would get twice as much done if I did? Or would I be behind twice as often?

fyrestarre said...

Awesome! Reminds me of my days on the road with my dog, Rocky. Together we worked the midway in Northern Cali, way back then. Good luck with your venture!

Laura said...

I've been a quiet stalker of your website and would love the opportunity to have a calendar