Saturday, May 30, 2009

Amusement Plus Fun Prizes

I recorded a little training session I had with Stella two days ago. I then downloaded it into the computer and watched as she eyed me suspiciously and began taking orders from the speakers. Recording to follow (if I can get over hearing myself sing).

We Love Prizes

Many thanks to Princess the Pitbull, for being the bearer of our first blog award here at Carny Dog. I never knew there were so many wonderful and funny dogs and/or dog lovers online. The rules are as follows:
1. Post it to the blog and link to who gave it to you.
2. List seven things you love (I'll list seven things Stella loves since this is basically her show)
3. List Seven blogs you love, then comment on the blog and let them know you've given them the award. Here we go:

Things Stella loves: Men, the dog park and Home Depot (or any other place where someone might pet her - particularly men). She loves peanut butter, baby giraffe, string cheese and the creek by our house.

Blogs I love: a very short list.

Percy's Adventures.. Because seriously, how can you not love a poodle who goes to France on weekend holidays?

Riptide and Tempest at A Dog's Beach (this blog makes me want to move immediately).

Princess, of course gets another mention. Her mom gave us this award and could be the only person who's read this entire blog besides maybe that guy at SkateTruck.

What Spare Time is a blog by new real-life friend, Jesco, who is a darn good writer plus has promised me fresh vegetables so you know, I've got to give him an award.

I get a lot of good dog training hints and advice from Lindsay at That Mutt. I told her a few months back that Stella didn't have her own blog but I was in denial then. I apologize.

And finally there is the very talented Beth from Switched at Birth. Beth (and her dog Maggie), already gave Stella a big shout this week and needn't do another thing but enjoy this award and keep on writing every day so the rest of us closet writers will have something to strive for.

Thanks to all of our new followers at Twitter. We hope to hear from you often.


Susan Rose said...

The current photo really shows off Stella's beautiful eyes.

Lindsay said...

yes, stella is such a pretty dog! Thank you for the award. I will have to check out all the other blogs you mentioned.

Princess said...

Thanks for mentioning us. I doubt I'm the only one, your stories and photos are so compelling I couldn't help it! I look forward to each new post. ~P's mom

Beth W. said...

You made my day. Thanks! I'm not surprised that Stella likes men. She has hussy eyes.

Pee Wee said...

We're still waiting on that recording.....