Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Girl

Since Stella retired young from the carnival, I've decided to occasionally feature a Carny Dog here on this page, just to keep the name legit. Over the years I've met a ton of carny dogs and road dogs too. They're some of the coolest dogs in the world I think, because their social skills are so well developed. Most of them will talk to anybody. This is Baby Girl, whose name suited her to a tee.

Anyone out there who'd like to submit a photo of their road dog, carny or otherwise, is welcome to send over a jpeg of said critter. Please include the dog's name, how long it(s) traveled with you and a good story if you have one. The address is: susan[AT]pitcherlady[DOT]com


Pee Wee said...

What a sweetheart.

Baby Girl looks as though she owns the joint.

Lisa said...

This is a beautiful site.

Susan Rose said...

Baby Girl looks like she would climb up in anybody's lap... with sweetness and confidence.