Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Little Fundraising Update

I found this on Stella's donation page when I got up this morning and couldn't resist passing it along:

For your Stella, in memory of mine...

One snowy Kansas City night about 25 years ago, I pulled into an old truck stop to get some gas, and noticed an emaciated, shivering young dog licking a spot of grease off the ground next to a dumpster. I ran inside to pay for the gas, leaving my car running & the door wide open. When I got back to the car, the dog was curled up on the floorboard under the heater shivering. I looked at the dog and knew that I didn't have the heart to put her out. That night, I named her Stella, and she was the most devoted, loving animal I'd ever seen. They know when you've saved them, Susan, and I know there are many strays, both four- and two-legged, who are indebted to you. I only hope that you don't miss out on the fun of stepping outside and calling the dog at the top of your lungs, "STELLA! STELLA!"

Thanks to Mike, and all of you who have been so generous over the last week. Stella's knee surgery fund is at twenty-five percent and still growing. I have two hundred dollars I haven't added yet, which brings the total up to $790. Thanks from the bottom of our water bowl.

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