Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here's yet another one of Stella's friends. His name is Blitz and although I'd heard about him for years, we've only recently met. It was obvious from the start that he is definitely a lover of dogs. I'm not sure if he was ever a carny but I suspect he would've fit right in.

I forgot to include a link to in yesterday's post. I saw it on the local news yesterday morning and thought it might be useful to those (in the U.S.) who walk your dogs (or yourselves) regularly. It measures walking distance from your very own address to different places of interest around your neighborhood. This way you can not only get lots of great exercise for you and your dog but also challenge yourself occasionally to go further. It also lists the most walkable cities if you happen to be traveling or thinking of moving to more sustainable digs.


Susan Rose said...

I'll bet Stella has gained some regular followers after yesterday's post on "Draw the Dog." It would be great if all of Stella's local friends (guys like Blitz and Walter) could follow her blog because they're probably her biggest fans.

susan said...

I hope so Susan, according to google there were a thousand visitors here yesterday! There are a bunch of Stella's local friends who do follow along but many don't have access to a computer. They've asked me for prints though which tells me they truly are fans. Thanks (to you too) for being one of our regulars.