Wednesday, March 24, 2010


First, I want to take a minute to welcome the new batch of dog lovers who stopped by here today, thanks to a terrific website called Draw the Dog. There's a talented pair of guys over there who were kind enough to feature Stella on their website this morning (in a wonderful cartoon) that depicts me getting her into the shower. The story that inspired them (Suds Your Duds) has eighteen comments on it now, which is an all time record. From a virtual standpoint, I can't think of a more fun day in recent history.

Second, with regard to today's photo, I'm not sure you can see that tease of a cat (Gigi) looking through the door at us or not but I wish I could get in her head sometimes. For the first six years of her life, she was actually kind of shy and now that we have Stella, she's turned into a completely different cat. It's taken some time but I honestly believe she thinks Stella is her dog, not mine. They're sweet on each other but in a careful - I'll snuggle up against you if you promise not to look at me - sort of way, unless of course there's a door between them, which apparently makes it safe to act like a maniac.


Schwang said...

I saw that little face and that expression. Hilarious!

Princess said...

Wow what a great cartoon they did! Congrats on being featured and all your cyber love! Sometimes those fresh new comments is all you need to bring a smile to your face.

I totally missed the kitty cat in the picture!! Just loving your gorgeous dog!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stella and Stella's mom! I found your bloggie through Draw the Dog and just wanted to say hi! I likes the picture of Stella and the kitteh. We have kittehs, too, and I want to snuggle with them but they don't want to snuggle with me.

Wiggles & Wags,

Susan Rose said...

The cartoon is great, and so is your story... again. The good thing about being over 50 is that it takes me less time to forget what I've read or movies I've watched, so I get to re-do them fairly soon, just as if they're new.

Yes, I see Gigi looking in the window. She looks like she's trying to stir up some trouble/fun. Stella may actually BE Gigi's dog. Maybe you're the one who's deluded, ha ha.