Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Cover

Yesterday we went over to Cheekwood Botanical Garden to see how the Nashville Lifestyles cover dog search was going. We didn't enter Stella this year mostly because we knew there'd be a hundred and sixty Golden Doodles vying to get the job (see below). I don't know if that's a Poodle, a Golden Doodle, or a Snicker Doodle, but there's no debating it's a gorgeous dog. Anyway, our regular Saturday class was rescheduled yesterday but not for Stella. She got the intensified reality version. We practiced walking calmly past other dogs, greeting friendly strangers, talking to kids, and later on, ignoring skateboards, bicycles and hamburger buns. It was not simple work but we did pretty well overall.

Talk about your major league distractions. Right about the time I was taking this photo, an Irish Wolfhound was reaching in Stella's direction to check her out. His owner didn't let him get close enough to touch but it was enough to make her forget all about that "watch me" business.


Susan Rose said...

I hope you'll enter Stella in the cover-dog search next year. She might be just what they're looking for. And she IS a beauty.

Jeramy said...

If your idea of a gorgeous dog is a muppet, then yeah that one looks pretty good.

susan said...

Susan thanks, we entered last year, it was fun but a little chaotic (as you might expect). I work for them occasionally so I think my chances are limited.

Jeramy, I laughed out loud when I read this. YOu're right of course, but even I changed my mind after watching these dogs play at the dog park a couple of times. I like that other dog too, I guess it's a Schnauzer (?)

Schwang said...

What a great place to practice distractions. Even though those dogs are beautiful, I think mixes (especially bullies) are so unique and beautiful...there aren't any other dogs like them. It's kind of like showing up with a Louis Vuitton (which is nice but ubiquitos)or having a completely unique and original purse no one else has. Of course, I am biased.