Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Happy Dance

Those of you who stop by the blog regularly may already be aware that this afternoon Stella's surgery fund met and exceeded its goal. Again, I want to thank all of you who helped and especially my friend Barney who talked me into doing it in the first place. Together you have purchased an entire canine orthopedic surgery, including medication and follow-up x-rays and as I have told many of you in e-mails over the last few weeks, you are now welcome to claim a little part of this dog as your own. I am inspired by your generosity and overwhelmed by the number of people who stepped forward to help us, some of whom I've never met. I wish you all the best and will of course, keep you posted on Stella's escapades long after her recovery is complete.

Please visit these websites. While the list isn't all-inclusive, each of those listed had a role (either directly or indirectly) in Stella's future happiness and I don't mind saying they are an exceptionally bright and talented bunch of people. If I've overlooked anyone, or am unaware of your website, please mail me or put a note in the comments.

Switched at Birth
Blue Ridge Blog
A Fistful of Science
Michael Sloan Art
Mary Claire Studio
This Just In
Princess the Pitbull
Lake Lizard Music
Tennessee Rep
Dog Days of Painting
Brown Dog Foundation
a moon worn as if it were a shell
Helen Burrus Photography
Franklin, TN Vacation blog
Coyote Awareness in Nashville


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

Great to know she is doing okay - i know how hard medical bills can be i went through it last year with Woodrow and am still dealing with the bills.

deb and the bully brats

Susan Rose said...

Thanks for listing all the websites. And thanks for being the kind of person who would find a way, no matter what, to give Stella the care she needs. Please tell Barney "thanks" too.