Monday, June 8, 2009


Funnel Cake or Elephant Ears..

Hey if you haven't seen the super nice comments on Stella's donation page, go over and have a look before the page disappears. There are two hours left to make $630. Not sure that's going to happen but it isn't all bad in fact, it might turn out just fine. We'll be back to thank you all shortly.

The donation page extended this collection for two more days (and there I was ready to give up). Someone suggested that I lower the goal to collect what's already been pledged but that option was only available during the first five days. So we press on. Thanks everyone, for hanging in there. I'll keep you posted.

Stella, by the way is doing great. I haven't had to give her any drugs to keep her calm. Could be that collar. Personally, I can't believe she hasn't had a big fit over it.


Susan Rose said...

Something tells me that Stella just sort of "knows" that all is well with her knees and with her goals of running. Her happy face says it all.

Susan Rose said...

Susan, you've put the wrong link for the donation page.

susan said...

Thanks for letting me know Susan, I could swear I checked it last night and you may be right on the happy face.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

great the hear she is doing well - lots of love and bully kisses

woodrow sweetie mj

Princess said...

She certainly looks happy!!

Beth W. & Maggie (aka Li'l Brown Sugar) said...

Those photos (and that face!) are striking. We keep coming back to look again. So glad Stella's doing well.

Princess said...

YEA!!! So HAPPY ya'll met your goal!! Congrats to Stella and you!

Pee Wee said...


Too Excellent!

Congratulations ladies.