Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Jimmys

Not long ago, I met a dog named Skywheel Jimmy. Before anyone who knows him, jumps up and says I met that s.o.b. in 1985...I'm really talking about a dog. A puppy, named after legendary climber, Jimmy Rutherford. The people who owned the puppy tried hard to get me to take it home with me. I've tried hide it but these people have discovered my weaknesses. I even accused them of naming the dog after Jimmy right before I walked up to the campfire there.

I suggested that the obvious choice for Jimmy's new owner was his namesake who happened to be sitting there, holding the leash. In fact, I thought Jimmy and Jimmy needed each other but the dog's owners had clear instructions that the puppies were not to be given to other people on the lot.

The idea being that if you just hand it off to another carny, the dog never really leaves. It's still a road dog with a ticket to Peoria.

(Note: This text was originally published on Cliffhanger, March 9, 2004)


Susan Rose said...

What a darling puppy. Maybe one of your readers will be enticed to give it a home.

bayouchild said...

Love this blog! Got some catchin up to do cuz i just found it. Nice meetin yall!

susan said...

Hey Susan, that puppy is either grown or long gone (2004)you're right though, it's totally sweet. Bayouchild, great to hear from you and thanks for following us. Look forward to it.

Gnightgirl said...

Peoria, IL? Only 90 minutes from me...but I see in your comments that this was taken some years ago. I guess I won't go meet him.

Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

what a cutie - hope he finds a home soon

woodrow sweetie mj