Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Minding the Seagulls

We went down the to Inner Harbor (I'm assuming that's capitalized?) this morning and waited for the Watermark (water taxi) to arrive. They're kind enough to allow pets on board and they gave us a nice forty-five minute tour of the harbor which Stella seemed to enjoy, although it was 11am and unusually hot for Baltimore this time of year. I took this photo at the slip before the boat arrived, mostly because of the Seadog (yellow watercraft) behind her. It didn't take much sitting out there before the seagulls started buzzing us. Sorry I didn't have a video camera along when her head started following them in circles.

Now that I've almost managed to get my bearings - it's nearing time to leave but I feel very lucky to have run upon one of Baltimore's very own dog lovers. He's agreed to lead us on to affordable crab cakes and the real Baltimore, before the day is through. Then I'll tell you about my own little adventure yesterday. Stella and I are both still recovering from that one.


Susan Rose said...

Looking at Stella's vacation photo's, I'm thinking how well adjusted she is in the new surroundings. I'll bet she's enjoying the Harbor scene with all the fishy smells and squawking birds.

Lynn (in Louisiana) said...

Found you from and have spent several hours reading all your blogs. I'm in love with Stella and have added you to my favorites !!
Nashville hosted a pitbull seminar this weekend. Do you know about ?? They'd love Stella too. They currently have a photo contest going on. Would love to see your girl enter it; you're bound to have a photo or two around LOL :-)

susan said...

Thanks Lynn. Sorry I missed the pitbulls in Nashville (surely there were a few here with their owners?) Hadn't been over to lately. I did recognize some of those dawgs though. (ahem Mr. B and Miss M seem to be doing pretty well:)

Susan: I haven't read any of Tom Bodett's books but I bet they're good. I was surprised by his picture. I thought he was older for some reason.

Dog Beds said...

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