Sunday, October 3, 2010

Close encounters

These were leftover from last weeks Pooch Plunge. Aren't the two of them wonderful? With all due respect, I think they should enter a dog/owner look a like contest. The best part is they didn't do it for my benefit. I took that first shot before anyone knew I was there. Apparently that's a pretty nice dog too.

Last night I found out that some friends of mine have a dog that does Fly Ball competitively. It even has a pretty high ranking and they're going to Indiana next week to compete. They were supposed to go to the event last week too so of course, I confessed again about that rogue dog that crashed their demonstration :)

Okay, moving on. Stella and I were charged the other day by a dog we'd never seen before. This time it wasn't a purse dog though. It was a Pit Bull that first barked at us from behind a fence. It sounded pretty vicious but I didn't give it much thought since Stella sounds exactly the same way on occasion. I have to say though that it was early in the morning and when that dog came charging (across a busy street) at us I was more than a little freaked out. In the background I head a little boy scream "Spiiiike!!!" I stepped in front of Stella and did my best halt command; big man voice added to the traffic cop hand, and the dog (I'm happy to report) stopped in its tracks.

The dog's owner laughed at me and announced: "Don't worry he's friendly."

All I could think of to say "I guess you're lucky mine is too."

It definitely sounded a little bitchy but I couldn't help myself. There's nothing like having all the plaque in your arteries loosened at seven-thirty in the morning.


Susan Rose said...

Yes, "the two of them" are wonderful... wonderfully good looking. (The guy knows it, and the dog is in sync with him.)

Ahem. :)

Whew! I wouldn't want to be charged by Spike at any time of day. And I might have said more than you did.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Great picture of the look-a-likes!

Charging dogs are soooooo scary.HA! People and their "friendly" dogs. As a letter carrier, I heard that a lot, but didn't believe it very often.

Anonymous said...

not bitchy at all-- totally warranted. there is nothing i hate more than being approached by off-leash dogs. our chick is dog friendly in all situations EXCEPT those, and there is really nothing you can do!

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