Friday, October 15, 2010

Visiting With Edgar

Poe's house and his grave are about half a mile apart. He's buried in an ancient church yard. It's not just any old church yard either. It's Westminster Burial Ground and Poe isn't the only notable resident. There are others.
The last unfinished manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe was ironically (in our case) about a lighthouse keeper. I'm still not sure how you can call four pages a manuscript but then I'm not a literary scholar.

Here's something fun and strangely appropriate (I thought) - John Cusack to play Poe

The history of Poe's grave

I'm not sure dogs are actually allowed in here. We didn't ask permission but Stella was on her best behavior.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Tell anyone that asks, I said it was ok for Stella to be anywhere she wants! She would definitely add a certain something to any and all locals

Interesting stuff to know about Poe. Very cool!

Carey S. said...

growing up, my sisters and i always loved poe. i remember them reading telltale heart and the raven and scaring the heck out of me! to this day i still have a wonderful sense of dread reading those poems!
i didn't know poe had married his first cousin, virginia. i guess it's true, you learn something new every day.

Susan Rose said...

I know that Edgar Allen Poe is a respected author, but I don't read the scarey stuff. (I never volunteer to be scared.)

I'm glad Stella was there to brighten the scene.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Hey, isn't she a "service dog"? In the service of making every one happy? Yeah..thought so. So, it's all good!

susan said...

gsp: Thanks, I'll definitely do that. Maybe we'll even make ourselves a Stumpy "All Access" pass.
Carey: I didn't know much about Poe either. I remember loving his work but knew nothing of his private life (or strange death) Now I want to see the movie. Susan: I don't blame you. I love to be scared but not involuntarily - and Colleen: ha! I love a woman that isn't afraid to poke a hornet's nest. By the way, yesterday we found a new office supply store that loves dogs ;-)