Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lazy Day

The leaves are raining from the trees here though still no real rain to speak of - in the last three months. It's hard to believe anything is still green. Stella and I have been dodging what seems like a constant hailstorm of acorns and black walnuts on our walks. The squirrels are out in force (always a good time) and people are just beginning to decorate their yards for Halloween. I'm thinking that got put off until now because just a week ago it was still ninety-seven degrees.

In just a few days my entire front yard became blanketed with yellow maple leaves which is always gorgeous until I have to rake them; thirty four-bags if I remember correctly. My dream is that sixteen boy scouts will show up and it'll all be done in about two hours. The chances of that happening are remote. I'd leave it but they blow into all the surrounding yards and the neighbors begin having less than happy thoughts when they see me.

This Saturday Stella and I are going to celebrate Pitbull Awareness Day over on the east side of town. We haven't gone before so I'm looking forward to it and you know how Stella loves a parade.

Whoever is responsible for this yard art (below) unfortunately missed the initial response of the young impressionable canine pictured above. Again - it was a video moment - lost.


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

She is the picture of sweetness..I love Stella!

You could be like Leo Buscaglia (sp?) who wrote feel-good books in the 70's and 80's - he said he thought the leaves of fall were like a golden carpet..until his neighbors protested. So he had his students bag them up and...deposit them in his front room! Yeah..like I'd want to vacuum up that mess? Hey - it may be quicker than raking after all!
Enjoy your touch of fall goodness :-)

Two Pitties in the City said...

I would have loved to see her reaction to that skeleton. Miss M used to be terrified of statues, so I bet this would have been so scary.

Susan Rose said...

Oh my goodness, your floor is so shiny!

About raking leaves... just move to the country. Your neighbors won't care if you don't rake. When my friends/visitors ask me how I like "raking all those leaves" (2 acres) I look at them like they're crazy.

I expect you'll post about Pitbull Awareness Day. I'd love to see lots of happy PBs together in one place. And I'm sure Stella will find a way to stand out beautifully among them all.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Are you going to let Stella jump in the piles of leaves you rake?

susan said...

Thanks Colleen, TPC: Statues used to do the same for STella. Once she went after a lone statue of Jesus in the cemetery. I've never seen such a fit. Susan: that shiny floor is an illusion, trust me. GSC: I think she already has it planned out in her mind. Every time we walk out there the noise under foot gets her motor running.